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Personal Protection

This goes without saying, but it is our duty and responsibility to protect ourselves, especially if things begin to go wrong. Protect yourself at home and on the go with the supplies for personal protection offered by Prep And Save. From mother nature to malevolent people, be sure you are safe and secure with personal protection. Ask an expert if you have an questions about personal protection and remember: you're never too early to protect yourself.

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  • Combat Kukri

    Sporting Goods > Outdoor Recreation > Camping, Backpacking & Hiking > Camping Tools > Knives & Blades
    The KA-BAR Combat Kukri Blade feels like a machete in your hand, giving you confi ...more
  • Commando Tomahawk

    Commando Tomahawk
    Commando Tomahawk packages is a great all around handy piece of equipment for you ...more
  • Driveway Patrol

    Driveway Patrol
    The Driveway Patrol is a motion-activated alarm system that tells you if someone ...more
  • InstaFire

    The InstaFire is the perfect hand held security device for men and woman. ...more
  • Keychain Capsule Holder

    Keychain Capsule Holder

    Out of stock

    The Keychain Capsule Holder allows you to take pills, personal information, and m ...more
  • Keychain Pocket Knife

    Keychain Pocket Knife

    Out of stock

    The Keychain Pocket Knife is a great folding knife that is attached to your keych ...more
  • Pop-Up Privacy Shelter (Large)

    Pop-Up Privacy Shelter (Large)
    The Pop-Up Privacy Shelter is a quick and easy way to set up a shelter for bathro ...more
  • Security Wallet

    Security Wallet

    Out of stock

    The Security Wallet protects your Credit Cards from being stolen through its RFID ...more
  • Shemagh

    The Shemagh is a great addition to anyone's camping gear or prepper supplies. ...more
  • Shotgun Bandoleer

    Shotgun Bandoleer
    The Explorer Tactical Shotgun Bandoleer is great addition to anyone's security pr ...more
  • Stadium Survival Kit

    Stadium Survival Kit

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price: $4.95

    The Stadium Survival Kit is perfect to have when you are trying to enjoy a game w ...more
  • Swiss Army Style Knife

    Swiss Army Style Knife
    A Swiss army style knife is not just for cutting things. This knife will perform ...more

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