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Are you looking for basic protection for your home and shelter? Prep And Save has it. If you are looking for all the bells and whistles, you are in the right place! We want to be sure you know and feel your home is secure from top to bottom. We want you to be able to trust that your home will protect and shelter you. After all, what good is shelter without security? You can get that security here, so that you know you are protected. Our range of security products and disaster preparedness supplies ensures you can find anything and everything you are looking for to secure your home and add that extra layer of safety.

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  • 11 Inch Hunting Knife

    11 Inch Hunting Knife
    This 11 Inch Hunting Knife is a great piece of equipment that can help you in an ...more
  • 14 Inch Hunting Axe

    14 Inch Hunting Axe
    The 14 Inch Hunting Axe can b used during your hunting trips or place it in your ...more
  • 9 Inch Hunting Knife

    9 Inch Hunting Knife
    The 9 Inch Hunting Knife is the perfect compact knife that can be placed on your ...more
  • Combat Kukri

    Sporting Goods > Outdoor Recreation > Camping, Backpacking & Hiking > Camping Tools > Knives & Blades
    The KA-BAR Combat Kukri Blade feels like a machete in your hand, giving you confi ...more
  • Driveway Patrol

    Driveway Patrol
    The Driveway Patrol is a motion-activated alarm system that tells you if someone ...more
  • Electra Keychain Stun Gun

    Electra Keychain Stun Gun
    Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun ...more
  • Maglite Belt Holder

    Maglite By Prep and Save
    Attach your Maglite flashlight to your belt with this handy tool, brought to you ...more
  • Masterlock Combination Lock

    Masterlock Combination Lock
    The Masterlock Combination Lock is a secure way to protect anything. Standard, af ...more
  • Masterlock Padlock

    Masterlock Padlock
    The Masterlock Padlock is a secure way to protect anything. Traditional, affordab ...more
  • Minimalist Neck Knife CRKT

    Minimalist Neck Knife CRKT
    The Minimalist Neck Knife is the perfect for the person who wants to have a tool ...more
  • Security Cap

    Security Cap from Prep and Save
    This black and white Security Cap shows who is a member of the security personnel ...more
  • Security Polo Shirt

    Security Polo Shirt
    A black polo shirt with security written across the chest and back to let people ...more

28 Item(s)

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Shelter without security is incomplete. An unprotected shelter leaves you vulnerable to everything from Mother Nature to human nature. Prep And Save offers you basic security of protecting your home, your family, and your possessions from the unpredictability of life and emergencies.

In an emergency, when you’re evacuated from your home, you can’t rely on elaborate security systems to protect you from danger. Police, the Fire Department, and other services are stretched thin to provide care for all disaster victims. You are responsible from keeping your family out of harm’s way. Prep And Save has you covered, offering all the essentials of basic security to keep your home or shelter secure. Our extensive supply gives you endless options in protecting yourself and your family. For peace of mind, look to Prep And Save.