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Level III+ Pure PE Plate Level III+ Pure PE Plate

This rugged and durable armor plate is designed for create a ballistic vest that is tested under NIJ-0101.06.

Our Price: $299.95
Level IIIA Soft Panels Level IIIA Soft Panel Set Front/Back

Longfri bulletproof soft panel is tested under NIJ-0101.06 IIIA body armor standards by H.P. White and Chesapeake. It protects against*:

9 mm rounds at speed up to 1400 ft/s
.44 magnum rounds at speed up to 1400 ft/s
*Multi-shot rated on selected threats.

This bulletproof soft panel is ideal for use in plate carrier and various personal items, such as school bag, computer case, and sports bag, for everyday personal protection.

Our Price: $250.00
Plate Carrier 2XL-3XL OD Plate Carrier 2XL-3XL OD

Our Price: $104.95
Undergarment Ballistic Vest IIIA Longfri XL WHITE Undergarment Ballistic Vest IIIA Longfri XL WHITE

Longfri bulletproof vest provides extensive protection for the part of the body containing the most vital organs. It saves life at the critical moment.

  • Made with PE fabrics
  • Tested under the NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA standard
  • Capable of stopping .44 Magnum bullet and .357 bullet with maximum back face deformation of 44mm
  • Extensive side protection as well as front and back protection
  • Adjustable closure to fit wide range of body sizes
  • Light-weight ergonomic design reduces body load and fits closely while allowing unrestricted physical activities
  • Easy maintenance with detachable bulletproof panel
  • Great weatherability

Our Price: $399.95
Protecting yourself from the unexpected can be tricky, having the right armor on can save your life. Here at Prep and Save we want you to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Arm and protect yourself with our new line of body armor. Most of these products are made in the United States. Chose from, PE armor plates, body armor, ballistic helmet, and ballistic shields to protect you from the unexpected.