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Berkey 3.25 Gallon Water Filtration System Berkey 3.25 Gallon Water Filtration System

The Berkey 3.25 Gallon Water Filtration System, with its two black purification elements, will achieve all your water purification needs.

Our Price: $349.95
PDI Sani-Cloth HB Germicidal Disposable Wipes (LARGE 160-count) PDI Sani-Cloth HB Germicidal Disposable Wipes (LARGE 160-count)

These wipes are great on a range of hard, non-porous surfaces commonly found in healthcare environments. Kills 99.999% of germs on many surfaces.

Our Price: $19.95
MicroFlex ComfortGrip Latex Gloves (XL) MicroFlex ComfortGrip Latex Gloves (XL)

Fully textured for a secure grip, Comfort Grip gloves provide the fit and protection you need at a competitive price.

Our Price: $14.95
Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves (SMALL) Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves (SMALL)

Latex-free, powder-free, protein-free, ambidextrous vinyl gloves, size small. Box of 100.

These gloves are non-sterile.

Our Price: $9.95
MRE Star Case of Lunch and Dinner meals MRE Star Case of Lunch and Dinner meals

The MRE Star Case of Lunch and Dinner meals is a great thing to have if you want hot meals at the ready for any type of situation. With over a thousand calories per meal, it has the energy you need. Simply add water for a hot, full meal! Good for 10 years.

Our Price: $119.95
MicroFlex Tranquility Powder Free White Nitrile Exam Gloves (SMALL) MicroFlex Tranquility Powder-Free White Nitrile Exam Gloves (SMALL)

Non-sterile ambidextrous powder-free white nitrile gloves in small size.

Box of 100.

Our Price: $14.95

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About Us

Prep And Save is part of a family of companies founded in 1983. For over seven years, we have specialized in serving customers with many brands of great preparedness products and outstanding customer service.

Our friendly in-house experts can give you great advice on how to prepare for emergencies that may come your way. We carry a wide variety of products in categories such as emergency food, water storage, emergency gear, survival supplies, tools and books to help guide your way. Let us help you prepare!

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This place is fantastic. Fully stocked with medical supplies, camping gear, non-perishable food, knives, and a side room fully stocked with all the armored gear you could ask for. The proprietor is friendly and knowledgeable. I honestly couldn't ask for better.


Patrick H.
Sparks, Nevada

Amazing store! Amazing helpful fun knowledgeable staff! The canned food is awesome and I didn't even know all of these survival things existed. I bought a backpack to keep in my car. Earthquake is going to happen anywhere from today to the next 14 years... So be prepared at all times! Stock up today people! This store is my favorite


Kerry B.
Fontana, California

For those who realize better safe than sorry in case the grid goes out or any other unexpected scenarios, this store has a lot of tools and supplies. Huge water storage containers, a cool solar stove, long lasting foods.... stock your bunker now! Campers and other outdoor enthusiasts will find specialty items at reasonable prices.


April P.
Reno, Nevada

I have nothing but good things to say about this place, the variety and prices of everything are very good. I like trying out MREs and this place has plenty to offer. The staff is very sociable and friendly which I really love and I never once felt like they were being pushy to try to get me to buy anything. I will be back to shop here for sure.


Johnny Y.
La Puente, California

Just found this place today!!!! They are prepared to help you prepare. The staff was amazing. They even had samples of the Emergancy food for you to try! Everything is organized and easy to find. A must see and visit. Especially for us Californians living in not only earthquake country but in a state of who knows what's next.


Adreanne P.
Montclair, California

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