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12-Hour Yellow Light Stick 12-Hour Yellow Light Stick

12-Hour Yellow Light Sticks are quick and easy tools for visibility, awareness, and fun. These premium light sticks will last 12 hours, making them a great survival tool with minimal cost. Plus, they are great for kids, students, and classrooms.

Our Price: $1.95
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Camp Mirror Camp Mirror

A camp mirror can save someone's life through signalling, or save their face through shaving.

Our Price: $2.99
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Metal Whistle Metal Whistle

The Metal Whistle is a simple device to have to signal for help or a basic signal device.

Our Price: $1.95
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Slow Burn Emergency Candles Slow Burn Emergency Candles

Emergency Candles are a very handy emergency supply for basic emergency preparedness. These candles present a way to have light for long periods of time without power. Simple, reliable, and so easy to use, these emergency candles are great for power outages and camping.

Our Price: $5.95
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Wind and Waterproof Storm Matches Wind and Waterproof Storm Matches

Wind and Waterproof Storm Matches are great to have so you can start a fire in almost any weather conditions. No normal match can compare. For rugged conditions or for preparing seriously for an emergency, these are an excellent choice for back up light and heat.

Our Price: $4.95
20 in stock!
When the power goes out, you are going to want a way to provide light in order to see and be seen. Light will create calm and secure safety. Light will organize and keep order. Light is not something that should be forgotten. That is why, here at Prep And Save, we provide you with a variety of products for lighting your way.
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