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15-Inch Pry Bar 15-Inch Pry Bar

The 15-Inch Pry Bar is great tool to have in case of emergency where you have to help your family or neighbors find missing people in rubble (such as during a tornado, hurricane, or other emergency situation).

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4-in-1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool 	(Earthquake Tool) 4-in-1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool (Earthquake Tool)

The 4-in-1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool is a great immediate tool to use in an emergency to make sure the situation does not get worse. Protect yourself from gas leaks and water lines with this simple, handy tool.

Our Price: $15.95
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Earthquake Survival Tool Earthquake Survival Tool

The Earthquake Survival Tool allows you to shut off your gas in case of a earthquake breaking your gas line to your home. This has been shown to have saved property, money, and many lives.

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Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag

The Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag should be in your car or emergency kit, for any event in which you need to be warm. Great for schools, offices, or large groups, as are affordable in large quantities for your emergency supplies.

Our Price: $3.50
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Emergency Poncho Emergency Poncho

An Emergency Poncho takes up little space and provides a large amount of protection from the wet weather. An inexpensive and practical product that makes your life easier and your adventures more pleasant. Especially useful for students and children.

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Emergency Survival Solar Blanket Emergency Survival Solar Blanket

This will trap in almost all of your body heat to keep you warm on cold nights. Affordable and easy to use.

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First Responder Kit (Nurse's Response Kit) First Responder Kit (Nurse's Response Kit)

The Emergency Response Kit gives your school nurse or other medically assigned personnel the proper medical supplies to take to the school yard or athletic field to take care of most medical situations. That way, they can just grab and go, getting there faster, so they may help quickly.

Our Price: $249.95
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Grey Wool Blanket Grey Wool Blanket

A Grey Wool Blanket is a must have item to have in your car for emergencies or placed in your camping gear to help you stay warm on those cold nights. Having a few in a school ensures students and faculty are warm, safe, and comfortable.

Our Price: $12.95
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Slow Burn Emergency Candles Slow Burn Emergency Candles

Emergency Candles are a very handy emergency supply for basic emergency preparedness. These candles present a way to have light for long periods of time without power. Simple, reliable, and so easy to use, these emergency candles are great for power outages and camping.

Our Price: $5.95
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In the right person's hands, tools like crowbars can save lives. Other tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches, can be used to build and create. These tools are so important for helping a school function, for maintaining and operating a school. Plus, these tools become vital to the safety of students and faculty in an emergency. Make sure you have the tools you need by shopping here, at Prep And Save.
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