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15-Inch Pry Bar 15-Inch Pry Bar

The 15-Inch Pry Bar is great tool to have in case of emergency where you have to help your family or neighbors find missing people in rubble (such as during a tornado, hurricane, or other emergency situation).

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4-in-1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool 	(Earthquake Tool) 4-in-1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool (Earthquake Tool)

The 4-in-1 Gas & Water Shut Off Tool is a great immediate tool to use in an emergency to make sure the situation does not get worse. Protect yourself from gas leaks and water lines with this simple, handy tool.

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Earthquake Survival Tool Earthquake Survival Tool

The Earthquake Survival Tool allows you to shut off your gas in case of a earthquake breaking your gas line to your home. This has been shown to have saved property, money, and many lives.

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In the right person's hands, tools like crowbars can save lives. Other tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches, can be used to build and create. These tools are so important for helping a school function, for maintaining and operating a school. Plus, these tools become vital to the safety of students and faculty in an emergency. Make sure you have the tools you need by shopping here, at Prep And Save.
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