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MRE Star Case of Lunch and Dinner meals MRE Star Case of Lunch and Dinner meals

The MRE Star Case of Lunch and Dinner meals is a great thing to have if you want hot meals at the ready for any type of situation. With over a thousand calories per meal, it has the energy you need. Simply add water for a hot, full meal! Good for 10 years.

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When planning for an emergency, you want to have enough food to last you several months. Look to Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) for your medium-term food storage needs. Disasters are unpredictable; although the primary cause of a disaster can be gone within minutes or hours, like a flash flood or a landslide, the consequences can last for weeks. Some services may not be available for weeks after a disaster strikes; for example, electricity could go down, severing your access to microwavable foods or your electric oven. Be ready with enough emergency food supplies to last you longer than the disaster.

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