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64-Page First Aid Guide 64-Page First Aid Guide

The 64-Page First Aid Guide is a great, educational piece of literature that is an inexpensive and clearly positive choice, to add to your library. While brief, this complete guide is full of important information.

Our Price: $4.95
Edible Wild Plants Edible Wild Plants

The Edible Wild Plants is a great waterproof durable guide that will help you recognize when out in the wild forging for food to eat.

Our Price: $5.95
Emergency First Aid Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid is vital for your safety. This pamphlet shows you how to perform that emergency first aid, with clear and colorful pictures to go along with step by step directions.

Our Price: $6.95
Improvised Hunting Weapons Improvised Hunting Weapons

Improvised Hunting Weapons guide is a great resource to help you get back to the basic's on making the weapons you need to gather food for survival.

Our Price: $6.95
One Second After One Second After

One Second After takes a look at one small town after an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) rocks the U.S. Power Grid.

Our Price: $9.95
Shelter, Fire, Water Shelter, Fire, Water

Shelter, Fire, Water is a survival guide to cover the basics you need in a disaster situation.

Our Price: $6.95
Survival Book Survival Book

Survival Manual is the must-have tool for any trip into the great outdoors.

  • U.S. Military Issued Survival Manual Includes Important Lifesaving Information On Navigation, Locating Food And Water, How To Start A Fire, And Much More. Key Survival Skills Every Soldier, Hiker, And Hunter Should Know
  • The U.S. Army Survival Manual Provides Step By Step Instruction Alongside Illustrations For Surviving The Outdoors
  • 288 Pages Of The Most Proven And Field Tested Military Techniques, Documented By The U.S Military And Used For Official Training
  • Measuring 5 1/2" X 8 1/2", The Soft Cover Paperback Book Fits Perfectly Sized To Into Your Ruck Or Bug Out Bag
  • The FM 21-76 ARMY Survival Field Manual Is Used By The U.S. Military

Our Price: $14.95
Wilderness First Aid Wilderness First Aid

The Wilderness First Aid guide is a common sense, self-help guide on medical treatment, designed for when you are in the wilderness.

Our Price: $6.95
When running from a bear, you're probably not going to pull out your survival guide for advice. Get the survival guides and books on outdoors, emergencies, and anything in between before the bear is chasing you. There is a lot of information out there. We have compiled the best literature to teach you what you need to know in an emergency situation. Check back often, as we are continuing to expand our library and bring new literature to you. Learn what you need to know, before you need to use it, by getting the education you need now.