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Life is full of surprises. Be prepared!

Emergency Gear

From ponchos to jumper cables to bundled kits, you may need a variety of emergency supplies to truly be prepared. Who knows what you will run into, down the road? We are here to provide you with quality emergency products and valuable basic supplies to get you ready for it all. Prepare your car, your house, and yourself with our supplies to meet any and every situation. Trust in our camping supplies for your next camping trip, or our backpacks for your next backpacking excursion. Whether it's a first aid kit or a heavy duty flashlight, prepare your gear with Prep And Save!


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  • Cold Steel Spartan

    Cold Steel Spartan
    The Spartan was design like a Kukri so it can give you the same advantages as a ...more
  • Cold Steel Survival Knife

    Cold Steel Survival Knife
    The Survival knife by cold steel is a very strong knife with emergency supplies i ...more
  • Compact Camping Stove

    Compact Camping Stove

    Out of stock

    The Compact Camping Stove allows you to cook a hot meal wherever you are while ca ...more
  • GI Tanto Cold Steel

    GI Tanto Cold Steel
    The GI Tanto is a great knife from the Cold Steel from there more affordable coll ...more
  • Grappling Hook

    Grappling Hook
    The grappling hook is a compact functional tool to help you with an emergencies o ...more
  • Individual Gas Mask Kit

    Individual Gas Mask Kit
    The Individual Gas Mask Kit has all the supplies to help protect yourself from ca ...more
  • Leatherneck Tanto Cold Steel

    Leatherneck Tanto Cold Steel
    The Leatherneck Tanto knife is another great knife from the Cold Steel collection ...more
  • Metal Whistle

    Metal Whistle
    The Metal Whistle is a simple device to have to signal for help or a basic signal ...more
  • Portable Camping Stove

    Portable Camping Stove
    The Portable Camping Stove is an easy and convenient way to cook your food while ...more
  • School Student Emergency Kit – Standard

    School Student Emergency Kit – Standard

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $24.95

    The most important thing in our lives is taking care of our children and by havin ...more
  • Slyde King (NEBO)

    Slyde King (NEBO)
    The Slyde King is a very powerful LED flashlight and can be recharged with the in ...more
  • SPY Kit

    SPY Kit
    The Spy Kit can be for fun or be used in real life situations. ...more
  • The Pocket Shot

    The Pocket Shot
    The pocket shot is a compact sling shot that can easily fit in your pocket. ...more
  • The Pocket Shot Arrow 3PK

    The Pocket Shot Arrow 3PK
    The Pocket Shot Arrows were made for the pocket shot so it gives you better accur ...more
  • The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap

    The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap
    The Arrow cap gives you the ability to turn your pocket shot into a arrow pocket ...more

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Survival Shelters can be a critical part of your disaster preparedness.