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Life is full of surprises. Be prepared!

Camping and Tools

Camping trips can be fun and exciting, but sometimes your trip can turn into a real adventure. Aside from throwing a deck of cards into your bag with the usual camping supplies are you truly prepared for that camping trip? What if there was a torrential downpour? Are you prepared to stick it out with your basic camping gear? What if you did not have all season tent with a good rain fly? What if a natural disaster happened on your camping trip? The deck of cards would be no use to you. Now imagine if you packed for your camping trip with the mind set of disaster could happen? When you go camping it is good to pack using a disaster preparedness checklist for your trip. Now you will you be ready for the unexpected. Most people nowadays use their disaster preparedness kit as their camping gear. Camping trips will always create a good story. Prep And Save can will help you make sure you can pass those camping stores along to your love ones make sure you are properly prepared for your trip that way you can enjoy that deck of cards.


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  • Compact Camping Stove

    Compact Camping Stove

    Out of stock

    The Compact Camping Stove allows you to cook a hot meal wherever you are while ca ...more

    The Cryket is the perfect recreation and work flashlight ...more
  • Deck of Cards

    Deck of Cards
    A Deck of Cards is an inexpensive way to keep bodies and minds occupied during do ...more
  • Deluxe Pop-Up Canopy

    Deluxe Pop-Up Canopy
    Use this canopy to take shelter from an emergency, provide protection to those un ...more
  • Fleece Blanket

    Fleece Blanket
    A Fleece Blanket can bring comfort to any situation. Keep one by your favorite ch ...more
  • Folding Shovel (E-Tool)

    Folding Shovel
    The Folding Shovel is a compact item that can be placed in your car, camping kit ...more
  • Foot Pump

    Foot Pump
    The foot pump allows you to inflate many items which helps you save your lungs. ...more
  • G.I. Can Opener P38 (Single)

    G.I. Can Opener
    The G.I. Can Opener is a handy piece of gear to have. Something so simple that ca ...more
  • Golf Pencil

    Golf Pencil
    Golf Pencil ...more
  • Large Hiking Backpack

    Hiking Back Pack,Navy Blue

    Regular Price: $74.95

    Special Price: $49.95

    This large Hiking Backpack provides one of the best ways to make sure you have en ...more
  • Navy Blue Multi-Pocket Backpack

    Navy Blue Multi-Pocket Backpack

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $19.95

    Each Navy Blue Multi-Pocket Backpack is a sign, a first step: it says that you ha ...more
  • Note Pad

    Note Pad
    Note Pad ...more
  • Sewing Kit

    Sewing Kit
    Sewing kit has all the basic equipment to take care of all your mending needs. ...more
  • Slow Burn Emergency Candles

    Slow Burn Emergency Candles
    Emergency Candles are a very handy emergency supply for basic emergency preparedn ...more
  • Sunjack 14 Watt Portable Solar Panel

    Sunjack 14 Watt Portable Solar Panel

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price: $119.95

    The Sunjack 14 Watt Portable Solar Panel is the perfect portable power source for ...more
  • Sunjack Camp Light

    Sunjack Camp Light
    The Sunjack Camp Light allows you to have a bright light source wherever you are. ...more
  • Sunjack Complete Package 14WATT

    Sunjack Complete Package 14WATT

    Regular Price: $269.95

    Special Price: $165.00

    Sunjack Complete Package comes with multiple pieces of equipment that can charge ...more
  • Sunjack Extra Battery Pack

    Sunjack Extra Battery Pack
    The Sunjack Extra Battery Pack allows you to have extra power wherever you are to ...more
  • Tarp 8'X10'

    8'X10" Tarp
    The 8'X10' Tarp can be used for almost anything from protecting your belongings f ...more
  • The Pocket 3/8" Steel AMMO 70 Count

    The Pocket 3/8" Steel AMMO 70 Count
    The Pocket 3/8" Steel ball gives you the ammo you need to start hunting. ...more
  • The Pocket Hammer

    The Pocket Hammer
    The Pocket Hammer allows you to attach the The pocket Shot which will give you be ...more
  • The Pocket Shot

    The Pocket Shot
    The pocket shot is a compact sling shot that can easily fit in your pocket. ...more
  • The Pocket Shot Arrow 3PK

    The Pocket Shot Arrow 3PK
    The Pocket Shot Arrows were made for the pocket shot so it gives you better accur ...more
  • The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap

    The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap
    The Arrow cap gives you the ability to turn your pocket shot into a arrow pocket ...more
  • Toilet Seat Lid

    Toilet Seat Lid
    The Toilet Seat Lid can fit most 5 Gallon buckets to make your own portable toile ...more
  • Water Purification Tablets

    Water Purification Tablets
    Take the Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with you whenever you need clean ...more

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