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Miscellaneous survival gear is not just for emergency situations. The same tools that could save your life in an emergency would be helpful on your next camping or backpacking trip. Consider putting together an emergency disaster preparedness kit. Gear up with Prep And Save for more than just emergencies, we can help with all your camping needs.

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  • 6-in-1 Folding Survival Shovel

    6 in 1 Survival Tool
    Combine some of your essential emergency supplies and save room in your survival ...more
  • 9 Inch Hunting Knife

    9 Inch Hunting Knife
    The 9 Inch Hunting Knife is the perfect compact knife that can be placed on your ...more
  • Camp Mirror

    Camp Mirror
    A camp mirror can save someone's life through signalling, or save their face thro ...more
  • Camper's Solar Shower

    Camper's Solar Shower
    The Camper's Solar Shower makes camping and the great outdoors a bit more managea ...more
  • Collapsible Cups

    Collapsible Cups
    Collapsible Cups will "collapse" or telescope into a much smaller space, making t ...more
  • Compact Camping Stove

    Compact Camping Stove

    Out of stock

    The Compact Camping Stove allows you to cook a hot meal wherever you are while ca ...more

    The Cryket is the perfect recreation and work flashlight ...more
  • Deck of Cards

    Deck of Cards
    A Deck of Cards is an inexpensive way to keep bodies and minds occupied during do ...more
  • Deluxe Pop-Up Canopy

    Deluxe Pop-Up Canopy
    Use this canopy to take shelter from an emergency, provide protection to those un ...more
  • Fleece Blanket

    Fleece Blanket
    A Fleece Blanket can bring comfort to any situation. Keep one by your favorite ch ...more
  • Fold-A-Stove

    The Fold-A-Stove is easy to use and easy to cook with, making it an easy choice f ...more
  • Folding Shovel (E-Tool)

    Folding Shovel
    The Folding Shovel is a compact item that can be placed in your car, camping kit ...more
  • Foot Pump

    Foot Pump
    The foot pump allows you to inflate many items which helps you save your lungs. ...more
  • Fork/Spoon Combo

    Fork/Spoon Combo
    The Fork Spoon Combo has the utensils you need for emergency situations and your ...more
  • Fuel Tablets 24 Pack

    Fuel Tablets 24 Pack
    Fuel Tablets for the Fold-A-Stove, so that you are prepared to cook on your own! ...more
  • GI Folding Cot

    GI Folding Cot
    The GI Folding Cot is a great collapsible cot that would be a great asset to anyo ...more
  • Grey Wool Blanket

    Grey Wool Blanket
    A Grey Wool Blanket is a must have item to have in your car for emergencies or pl ...more
  • Hand Sanitizer 4oz

    Hand Sanitizer 4oz
    The Hand Sanitizer 4oz is a great addition to your hygiene kit to help prevent th ...more
  • LifeStraw

    Life Straw
    The LifeStraw allows you to drink from almost all types of outside water sources ...more
  • Light Vinyl Poncho

    Light Vinyl Poncho
    Light Vinyl Poncho is a little bit more durable so it can be very useful when out ...more
  • Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight

    MAGlite XL50
    Maglite XL50 has a beam that stretches for hundreds of feet, giving you a secure ...more
  • Marching Lensatic Compass

    Marching Lensatic Compass
    Marching Lensatic Compass is a great compass to have which allows you to use it f ...more
  • Metal Whistle

    Metal Whistle
    The Metal Whistle is a simple device to have to signal for help or a basic signal ...more
  • Personal Hygiene Kit

    Personal Hygiene Kit
    The Personal Hygiene Kit provides the basic supplies to take care of all your hyg ...more
  • Sewing Kit

    Sewing Kit
    Sewing kit has all the basic equipment to take care of all your mending needs. ...more
  • Shemagh

    The Shemagh is a great addition to anyone's camping gear or prepper supplies. ...more
  • Shower in a Bag

    Shower in a Bag
    Shower in a Bag is a great way to help you keep yourself clean when you don't hav ...more
  • Slow Burn Emergency Candles

    Slow Burn Emergency Candles
    Emergency Candles are a very handy emergency supply for basic emergency preparedn ...more
  • Slyde King (NEBO)

    Slyde King (NEBO)
    The Slyde King is a very powerful LED flashlight and can be recharged with the in ...more
  • Stadium Survival Kit

    Stadium Survival Kit

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price: $4.95

    The Stadium Survival Kit is perfect to have when you are trying to enjoy a game w ...more
  • Tarp 8'X10'

    8'X10" Tarp
    The 8'X10' Tarp can be used for almost anything from protecting your belongings f ...more
  • The Pocket 3/8" Steel AMMO 70 Count

    The Pocket 3/8" Steel AMMO 70 Count
    The Pocket 3/8" Steel ball gives you the ammo you need to start hunting. ...more
  • The Pocket Hammer

    The Pocket Hammer
    The Pocket Hammer allows you to attach the The pocket Shot which will give you be ...more
  • The Pocket Shot

    The Pocket Shot
    The pocket shot is a compact sling shot that can easily fit in your pocket. ...more
  • The Pocket Shot Arrow 3PK

    The Pocket Shot Arrow 3PK
    The Pocket Shot Arrows were made for the pocket shot so it gives you better accur ...more
  • The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap

    The Pocket Shot Arrow Cap
    The Arrow cap gives you the ability to turn your pocket shot into a arrow pocket ...more
  • Toilet Seat Lid

    Toilet Seat Lid
    The Toilet Seat Lid can fit most 5 Gallon buckets to make your own portable toile ...more
  • Water Purification Tablets

    Water Purification Tablets
    Take the Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with you whenever you need clean ...more
  • Waterproof Case

    Waterproof Case
    The Waterproof Container is the perfect container to protect your supplies from w ...more
  • Waterproof Matches

    Waterproof Matches
    Each box has 45 waterproof matches to ensure that you can light that fire for war ...more
  • YoYo Fishing Real

    YoYo Fishing Real
    The YoYo Fishing Real is a perfect addition to your food gathering equipment. ...more

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