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Tools for your home can be part of your emergency supply kit. These tools can be just as useful in day-to-day life. Get what you need and be prepared for any disaster, such as an earthquake or a super storm, Prep And Save is your source for disaster preparedness.

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  • Duct Tape 60 Yards

    Duct Tape 60 Yrds x 2"
    Duct Tape is the most universal tool that everyone should have in their possessio ...more
  • Earthquake Survival Tool

    Earthquake Survival Tool
    The Earthquake Survival Tool allows you to shut off your gas in case of a earthqu ...more
  • Flat Fold N95 Dust Mask

    Flat Fold N95 Dust Mask
    This Flat Fold Dust Mask is a barrier for protecting yourself against dust, dirt, ...more
  • Folding Shovel (E-Tool)

    Folding Shovel
    The Folding Shovel is a compact item that can be placed in your car, camping kit ...more
  • Fork/Spoon Combo

    Fork/Spoon Combo
    The Fork Spoon Combo has the utensils you need for emergency situations and your ...more
  • GI Tanto Cold Steel

    GI Tanto Cold Steel
    The GI Tanto is a great knife from the Cold Steel from there more affordable coll ...more
  • Grappling Hook

    Grappling Hook
    The grappling hook is a compact functional tool to help you with an emergencies o ...more
  • Leather Palm Work Gloves

    Leather Palm Work Gloves
    Leather Palm Work Gloves will save your hands and help you work even harder with ...more
  • Leatherneck Tanto Cold Steel

    Leatherneck Tanto Cold Steel
    The Leatherneck Tanto knife is another great knife from the Cold Steel collection ...more
  • Safety Chemical Goggles

    Vented Chemical Safety Goggles
    Use these Safety Chemical Goggles for dealing with chemicals, dust, debris or oth ...more
  • Sledge Hammer 3 Pound

    Sledge Hammer
    Weighing in at only 3 pounds, this compact hammer packs a real punch. A sledge ha ...more
  • SPY Kit

    SPY Kit
    The Spy Kit can be for fun or be used in real life situations. ...more
  • Swiss Army Style Knife

    Swiss Army Style Knife
    A Swiss army style knife is not just for cutting things. This knife will perform ...more
  • YoYo Fishing Real

    YoYo Fishing Real
    The YoYo Fishing Real is a perfect addition to your food gathering equipment. ...more

26 Item(s)

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