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Personal Gear

Maybe you already have a sleeping bag, and maybe you don't. Maybe you already have proper clothing, and maybe you don't. We want to make sure everyone is equipped for a fun hike or a quick camp out, as well as anything more serious. Perhaps you already have some basics, but are looking to improve your supplies. Whether you are a camper, hiker, backpacker, or anything else for that matter, we have the personal gear to make sure you are prepared. Featuring a selection of a range of quality items, you can be sure to find what you're looking for at Prep And Save. Be sure to ask our experts if you have any questions.


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  • Waterproof Matches

    Waterproof Matches
    Each box has 45 waterproof matches to ensure that you can light that fire for war ...more
  • Toilet Seat Lid

    Toilet Seat Lid
    The Toilet Seat Lid can fit most 5 Gallon buckets to make your own portable toile ...more
  • Tactical Backpack

    Tactical Backpack
    Tactical Backpack from Explorer tactical is a very heavy duty backpack that can b ...more
  • Slow Burn Emergency Candles

    Slow Burn Emergency Candles
    Emergency Candles are a very handy emergency supply for basic emergency preparedn ...more
  • Shotgun Bandoleer

    Shotgun Bandoleer
    The Explorer Tactical Shotgun Bandoleer is great addition to anyone's security pr ...more
  • Shemagh

    The Shemagh is a great addition to anyone's camping gear or prepper supplies. ...more
  • Duct Tape- 10 Yards

    Duct Tape- 10 Yards
    Duct Tape is the most commonly used "tool" around the world. There are more uses ...more
  • Cold Steel Survival Knife

    Cold Steel Survival Knife
    The Survival knife by cold steel is a very strong knife with emergency supplies i ...more
  • Cold Steel Spartan

    Cold Steel Spartan
    The Spartan was design like a Kukri so it can give you the same advantages as a ...more

30 Item(s)

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