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Build-Your-Own Bug-Out Bags & Emergency Kits

Prep and Save wants you to be prepared for any type of emergency, at an affordable price. We sell pre-made emergency kits that are perfect for the beginner survivalist. However, many preppers who already have their own kits may look at the pre-made options and see that they already own many of the items in those kits, and don't want to buy duplicates. At Prep and Save, you can build your own Bug-Out Bag & Emergency Kit. We are here to help you get the missing pieces to personalize and complete your emergency kit.

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  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle

    5 in 1 Survival Whistle
    Five survival supplies in one light and inexpensive product. 
    Contain ...more
  • Camp Mirror

    Camp Mirror
    A camp mirror can save someone's life through signalling, or save their face thro ...more
  • Duct Tape 60 Yards

    Duct Tape 60 Yrds x 2"
    Duct Tape is the most universal tool that everyone should have in their possessio ...more
  • Duct Tape- 10 Yards

    Duct Tape- 10 Yards
    Duct Tape is the most commonly used "tool" around the world. There are more uses ...more
  • Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag

    Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag
    The Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag should be in your car or emergency kit, for any ...more
  • Emergency Poncho

    Emergency Poncho
    An Emergency Poncho takes up little space and provides a large amount of protecti ...more
  • Light Vinyl Poncho

    Light Vinyl Poncho
    Light Vinyl Poncho is a little bit more durable so it can be very useful when out ...more
  • Navy Blue Multi-Pocket Backpack

    Navy Blue Multi-Pocket Backpack

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $19.95

    Each Navy Blue Multi-Pocket Backpack is a sign, a first step: it says that you ha ...more
  • Slow Burn Emergency Candles

    Slow Burn Emergency Candles
    Emergency Candles are a very handy emergency supply for basic emergency preparedn ...more
  • Surgical Mask

    Surgical mask
    Please note: The product may differ from the photo.
    Due to recent extreme ...more
  • Swiss Army Style Knife

    Swiss Army Style Knife
    A Swiss army style knife is not just for cutting things. This knife will perform ...more
  • Waterproof Case

    Waterproof Case
    The Waterproof Container is the perfect container to protect your supplies from w ...more
  • Waterproof Matches

    Waterproof Matches
    Each box has 45 waterproof matches to ensure that you can light that fire for war ...more

22 Item(s)

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