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The Day Before

12/20/2012 10:04 AM

Hi! Here's a reminder that the day before a disaster is just a normal day. We never know when an emergency will strike so be prepared!

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Massive Earthquake M7.7 hits Costa Rica

Be Ready for Earthquake

The Earthquake Damage Reports


  • More than 100 houses have been damaged on the península of Nicoya, Valverde Vega and Naranjo.
  • Around 107 localities have been affected.
  • About 50 houses have been checked with ranging damage along with around 25 different public buildings – all with minor damage
  • Only 1 indirect death is reported as yet through the heart attack.
  • There have been over 190 aftershocks between M3 and 4.7
  • 7 closed roads.
  • Water and Sewer Agency sent tanks to supply drinking water to the center of Puntarenas, that have had no water from 4pm to 10pm, due to the repair of damage to the distribution system. Tanks are also being sent to communities and Tilarán Bagaces whose distribution system reported a malfunction displays water being very turbid.
  • Costa Rican Electricity Institute reported a switch of 138 kilowatts in Santa Rita that supplies communities Paquera, Jicaral, Cóbano and Samara. This outage also caused water pumps, which use electricity, to stop and cause a shortage of water in these communities.
  • The power failure also affected were the 73 radio bases which are used for mobile telephones and the Internet, of which only about 40 radio bases/towers are damaged in total.
  • The collapse of an old metal railway bridge Naranjal in Sarapiqui has left isolated villagers, who will have to use a longer route to get out of their town to Guápiles.
  • Falling material was reported from roads in Hojancha and Sámara, Poas and Santa Gertrudes de Grecia, and Santa Cruz and Las Vueltas.

Earthquake Preparedness Saved it:

  • As stated earlier yesterday, the damage could mimic that of the 1950 earthquake (the last major earthquake in the region) The quake measured also M7.7 and was about 50km in depth. It was also felt strongly in Nicaragua.
  • Despite the magnitude of the earthquake damage was minimal due to the high quality of materials and construction in Costa Rica, which must meet strict seismic code since 1974.
  • In the Worldwide Seismic code index published, Costa Rica has one of the highest values (96/100) in the world for code compliance and code quality.
  • Costa Rica has a “culture of concrete and steel”, with its buildings long ceasing to be built of mud or adobe construction. All construction in Costa Rica are supervised by specialists who, adhere to compliance “with all world standards.
  • Costa Rica is a success story with a constantly improving seismic resistant code since 1974 but also a culture of preventive measures before this time.
  • Visit the source for more details: Earthquake Repport
  • Contact PrepAndSave.com for any help.


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