Product name Emergency Survival Solar Blanket
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Stay warm and comfortable by using this Emergency Survival Solar Blanket. It will trap in almost all of your body heat to keep you warm on cold nights. Affordable and easy to use, they work well for school emergency supplies, classroom kits, and student packs.


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When it comes to emergency survival, very little could be more useful than an Emergency Survival Solar Blanket.

Developed for astronauts, the Emergency Survival Solar Blanket reflects and retains 90% of your body heat. This should be an important part of your emergency preparedness kit. Thinking realistically, it can be used if you are ever travelling and your car breaks down; you can wrap up in this blanket and weather the night until the morning when you can go for help. You can also use the blanket in the event yourself or a partner gets trapped in an ice storm, or falls into cold water, and develops hypothermia; wrapping yourself up in this blanket to warm up again and protect against exposure could save your life.

This Emergency Survival Solar Blanket can also be used to shield against the elements as a ground cover. It is wind and waterproof, only weighs 1.5 oz, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. There is no reason not to have this in your camping or preparedness kit.

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