Product name IFAK BY Prep And Save (Individual First Aid Kit)
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Short Description The Prep And Save IFAK has the medical supplies you need to handle the basic minor injuries to more severe trauma.
Description This IFAK was made with true medical supplies that can be used from your basic everyday injury up to your more severe Trauma using the pressure dressing and tourniquets that are in this kit. The IFAK pouch has external molly style straps so it can placed on the outside of most back packs and is small enough to be placed in side. This IFAK is perfect for camping, hunting, hiking, your car and even your home. This First Aid kit was put together by a former Hospital Corpsman that served with all the branches of our military. So if you want to trust a first aid kit bought from a department store which dont get me wrong its perfect for the playground injuries but this IFAK can help you and others during mire severe trauma. alchole Prep Pads 10pk Iodine Prep Pads 10PK Triple Antibiotic 10pk TELFA 4PK 4x4 Pads 5PK Berman Airway CPR Field Tourniquet IFAK Bag Bandage Shear 3" ACE Wrap 5x9 ABD Pad Clean Wrap Gauze Roll 3" Burn Jel 2pk Israeli 4" Pressure Dressing 10/10/10 1X3/Fingertip/Knuckle Bandages Emergency Blanket 1" Tape Gloves 5 PR Items May Vary
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