Product name 6-in-1 Folding Survival Shovel
Price $ 22.00
Special Price $ 22.00
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Combine some of your essential emergency supplies and save room in your survival kit. It's a shovel, hatchet, hammer, saw, nail puller and a can opener all in one.


6-in-1 Folding Survival Shovel

The 6-in-1 Folding Survival Shovel is an amazing emergency product : a shovel, hatchet, nail puller, can opener, hammer, and a saw!

Using the easy push-button snap lock, it is simple to change tools AND maintain the survival tool's safety and strength. The saw stores securely in the handle. No accidental slicing of the hand when operating the saw!

This tool is excellent for camping or construction work, as well as a great part of a survival kit for your home or car. The shovel has a convenient carrying canvas sheath with belt loops.

Save weight, time, space, and money by combining some of your basic supplies with this incredible 6-in-1 Folding Survival Shovel.

Saw stores securely in handle and extends this 15" shovel to an 18" saw. Excellent for camping, home and auto.

Additional Info
  • Shovel: dig a latrine while camping, hide a zombie body, shovel snow to build a snow cave for protection
  • Hatchet: chop down a tree for firewood, a weapon for protection, emergency wilderness amputation
  • Nail Puller: removes embedded nails, conveniently located with the hammer so you can remove a nail if you messed up during construction
  • Can Opener: open cans of food while you're camping
  • Hammer: build structures for protection
  • Saw: cut lumber to build the structure
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