Product name Duct Tape- 10 Yards
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Duct Tape is the most commonly used "tool" around the world. There are more uses than we can count, we just know it's a necessity when it comes to survival.


Duct Tape 10-Yards

Whether you are MacGyver or the average household member, Duct Tape is the universal tool that can turn anybody into a "handy man". There are more uses than we can count, including:

  • Secure plastic sheeting in your home in case of a storm.
  • Cover and tape your windows in times of a hurricane or tornado.
  • Use black sheeting to cover your windows to keep your home dark from predators. Imagine the power goes out across the city, you have power because you planned ahead and purchased a generator. Keep the bad guys from seeing the light inside your house and targeting you for supplies.
  • Secure a splint to an injured body part or to strap down a dressing to a wound.
  • Secure poles when making a shelter.

This Duct Tape is industrial strength and made to last.

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