Product name Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag
Price $ 3.50
Special Price $ 3.50
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The Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag should be in your car or emergency kit, for any event in which you need to be warm. Great for schools, offices, or large groups, as are affordable in large quantities for your emergency supplies.


Product Details for the Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag.

Imagine that you're driving cross country for whatever reason. It's nighttime, it's winter, and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Getting out and walking to find gas in the dark and the cold is not a good idea. Looks like you'll be spending the night in your backseat. Luckily for you, you've purchased the Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag and can make the best of a bad situation!

The sleeping bag reflects 90% of your heat back to you, so you'll be warm for the duration. It's low cost and small packaging makes it essential to have in your glove compartment or emergency kit.

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