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  • School Fire Evacuation Kit

    School Fire Evacuation Kit
    The School Fire Evacuation Kit helps get your students out of the classroom in an ...more
  • General Purpose First Aid Kit

    General Purpose First Aid Kit
    The General Purpose First Aid Kit is an assembly of all of your basic first aid i ...more
  • 54-Piece First Aid Kit

    54-Piece First Aid Kit
    This 54-Piece First Aid Kit is an ideal size for your family camping trips, your ...more
  • LifeStraw

    Life Straw
    The LifeStraw allows you to drink from almost all types of outside water sources ...more
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True Calorie Count

Buyers Beware, Count Calories Before You Buy Many different companies offer great deals on freeze dried food. They say you can get a years supply of freeze dried food for only $2500. That sounds like a great deal, but before you purchase your food, read the calorie counts. Companies will try to make you think there is enough food to keep you going for a year by showing the serving amount. Servings can be very deceiving because they make you think that 1 serving is equal to 1 meal, thus 3 servings is 3 meals, and enough food for one day. However, most foods serving size has a small amount of calories. Usually the amount of calories per serving for premade freeze dried food is between 150-300 calories. By the logic that other companies are trying to pass on you, 3 servings is 3 meals which is enough calories for one day, but if you multiply it out, 150-300 x 3= 450-900 calories a day. These companies are trying to convince you that you can survive on 450-900 calories a day. That is a lie. [caption...more->
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