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    School Fire Evacuation Kit
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Burning Man, Part 2

  The Boy Scouts have a motto: Be Prepared, and if you are going to Burning Man, you have a lot of preparation ahead of you! The Playa, an ancient, dried lake bed, can be a harsh environment that marks you as a burner with its white powder, simply known as playa, that clings to you and everything you bring with you. It reminds me of the movie Mad Max of the 70s, because it was filmed in the wastelands of Australia, and Burning Man is located in much the same terrain. By day, Black Rock Desert can approach temperatures of 100 degrees and pre-dawn can be freezing. The wind is usually between 20-30mph, but it can kick up to 40-70mph during its frequent sandstorms. We at Prep And Save recommend you carry a dust mask and goggles wherever you go, as changes in the weather can happen suddenly. If you find yourself beset by a storm, sit still and wait for it to die out; it is better to wait than to wander where you cannot see and potentially get run over by a biker or meander into someones camp. The key to avoiding...more->
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