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Making Your Own Supply of Long Term Food Storage

Making Your Own Supply of Long Term Food Storage

Common household foods have very short shelf lives. Fresh produce and dairy last less than a few weeks. Meats and some other foods can be frozen, however, this only extends the shelf life to six months or a year. Most canned goods while easy to prepare and labeled nonperishable, have a shelf life of under three years. A disaster could strike within that time frame, or it could happen many years, potentially decades from now. The best way to prepare for disasters concerning food is long term food storage. Freeze dried foods can be very expensive. For people who want to start prepping but dont know how much money theyre willing to sink into it, the best option for attaining a decent supply of long term food storage is to make your own with Mylar bags, food grade buckets, and oxygen absorbers. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="297" caption="How to store food for emergencies."]more->
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